Quikbook.com, the kinder, gentler revenue channel, can bring guests to your hotel hassle-free.

And unlike the travel mega-sites who'll strong-arm you with their inflexible policies, we'll keep things simple on your end so you can focus on what you do best: taking care of your guests.

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At Quikbook.com, we're different. Here's why:


We don't lock you into any inventory configurations, rates or allotments. You have complete yielding control 24/7. Black out dates, no arrivals, minimum night stays, raise or lower your rates and more are all at your fingertips.


We'll never charge you a penny. There are no fees to work with Quikbook.com, ever.


We'll tell the world all the great things about your property. We'll market and promote your hotel free of charge.


Quikbook.com doesn't force you to play by our rules... we play by yours. We can work with you in a pre-pay/merchant model or traditional pay-at-checkout/commissionable model. We do not mark up commissionable rates.


We're compatible with yield management programs like EZ Yield, Channel Manager, Yield-o-matic, and others.


We don't work with any of the hotel aggregators like Kayak, Searchparty, or Sidestep. The rates you give us are only visible exclusively on Quikbook.com.


Our Customers

Grab the small business travelers other sites miss! Our customers trust our judgment and prove it by coming back again and again.

  • More than 90% of Quikbook.com customers book for business or a combination of business and leisure.
  • About 30% own small-to-medium-sized businesses. They're smart, successful, and don't use corporate travel services.
  • 55% of our customers have a combined household income of over $100,000; 34% have incomes over $150,000.
  • Our loyal customers average 6 reservations per year for 18 room nights, with an average stay of 3.3 nights.
  • 64% of our customers book more than two weeks in advance.

Our Creation: Revmax.com

Managing inventory our way is effortless. Our custom-built online tool requires little to no training and can actually reduce staff time.

  • Our online inventory management tool, RevMax, was designed based on feedback from Hotel Revenue Managers.
  • Adjust rates up or down in real time, modify blackout dates, availability and allocations with no restrictions.
  • See real-time reports including ADR information by night or room type, arrivals, nightly pick-up, availability and current rates.

Our Commitment

Once you sign on with Quikbook.com, our Product Development and Marketing teams will ensure complete exposure for your hotel across all facets of the selling process. From training our call center agents to listing your hotel in our promotional email marketing pieces, we'll put your hotel's name and images in front of thousands of frequent travelers.

But we'll never trespass into your own marketing efforts. For instance: Quikbook.com will never bid on your hotel's name as a keyword in any search engine marketing campaigns. We'll never hijack your brand image for our own gain.

Our Company

Quikbook.com was founded in 1988 as a call-center operation with hotels in seven U.S. cities. A decade later, we were among the first online travel sites when we launched Quikbook.com.

Today, we sell hundreds of properties in most major U.S. cities. Since its inception, Quikbook.com has followed a simple, no nonsense mantra: Keep it clean and streamlined, both for our hotel partners and our customers. With Quikbook there are never any hang-ups, bureaucracy issues, or the high-handed demands that you often find with our competitors.


Our Credibility

The press loves Quikbook.com!

Laptop Magazine
With Quikbook.com, "...we were dealing with pros who knew the hotel business inside and out."

Washington Post's Best of the Web
"If you're interested in quainter or more upscale lodging within the United States, try www.quikbook.com."

Woman's Day Magazine
"Quikbook.com is a dream come true..."

"Check out www.quikbook.com. You'll be able to find special deals, read about other people's experiences and check out what the hotel has to offer, like its proximity to shopping or transportation."

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